He's Back!! Klepetan the Romantic Croatian Stork Returned to Croatia 30 minutes ago! Update!

29 March 2013


He's Back!! Klepetan the Romantic Croatian Stork!  Malena awaits her faithful husand's return...
Blog by Saron Lease

Update:  Klepetan the Romantic Croatian Stork returned 30 minutes ago from his long African Migration! What a Relief!


Flying back from Croatia last month I was scanning the Croatian papers, and a big photograph of a stork caught my eye. A closer look told me it was indeed the story of the romantic stork couple Malena and Kepetan! I was so happy to see the article as I have been following these storks for a few years now! Klepetan is a 30 year old male stork from  Brodski Varos in Croatia who migrates every year to Africa during the winter.


For the last 11 years though, he has been "married" faithfully to Malena, a female stork. Unfortunately, she has a wing injury which means she cannot migrate anymore but each year, Klepetan comes back for her and they are together again for the summer. Klepetan is due back any day now (on the 23rd March) and Malena is impatient to see him!


The owner of the house where she lives said that she has stopped eating for the last few days and is just drinking water in anticipation of his return and just wants to go on the roof to wait for him. She is already building a nest for them both there. The owner of house has prepared fish for Klepetan as he is always very hungry when he gets back from his huge journey - he is a little worried that he will make it back as he is quite old now and I so hope he makes it that I will keep scanning the news with everything crossed.


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