American investors plan to build Las Vegas in Croatia-Istria has the best chances for this investment

20 April 2011


American investors plan to build Las Vegas in Croatia-Istria has the best chances for this investment


In a year or two, Croatia should get its own Las Vegas, a city of entertainment that will offer casinos, Formula 1 route, rock concerts, horse racings, top restaurants and much more. The entire project would cost 1.5 billion $. Behind trhis is a group of American investors from the real Las Vegas, which is visiting Croatia this week.


Istria has the best chance to get that investment. We visited several locations in Croatia, near Dubrovnik, Zadar and several locations in Istria. Istria has shown the greatest interest, and pledged that all paperwork will be solved in a few months. - said Zoran Savičić, leader of the American delegation.


City of entertainment, World Las Vegas, would be extended on 100 hectares, of which 30 hectares would hold various objects - three big hotels (1500beds), several business pavilions, conference center for 50,000 people,outdoor and indoor sports facilities, restaurants and bars. Also, there would be built artificial lake and water park on solar energy.


Croatian Las Vegas would work 365 days a year, and would employ , about 5,000 people, and all employees, except management,would be local people.


Americans are hoping that the whole project could be finished until Croatian accession to the EU. The main promoter of the project, Michael Jenkins said that the World Las Vegas would give Croatia a great promotion worldwide, and pledged that he would personally bring a number of sports stars such as NBA basketball star Kobe Bryant.


Bringing the Las Vegas brand, with Formula 1, horse racing etc, would significantly change the Croatian and economy of wider region.


The competition was Greece, Macedonia, Montenegro and Albania, many of which offered free land, but Croatia was chosen because of proximity to Europe, developed tourism and beautiful coastline.




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Nadeem Ahmed
Nadeem Ahmed17 Apr 2015  
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Restaurant Poklisar, seafood cuisine, Dubrovnik
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