Wall Street Journal recommends four things you can only see in Croatia's capital Zagreb

12 October 2011


Wall Street Journal recommends four things you can only see in Croatia's capital Zagreb 

In Sunday's issue of Wall Street Journal, in the travel section, an article was published on Zagreb and experiences of the Croatian capital.


Respected journalist, Anja Mutic, otherwise the author of many Lonely Planet guides, recommends four sites, including The Museum of Broken Relationships, Gastronomads and 'slow-food pleasures' daily offer, and school of gastronomy.


Among other things, you should visit Gastronomads either because you are interested in slow-food pleasures, or because you want to enjoy a gastronomic tour along Dolac (open city market) with a professional conduct, taste the daily offer and meet with the Croatian culinary icons, with inevitable finish in a Whirlpool show kitchen.


Otherwise, this unusual cuisine lovers club offers membership. By joining the association of Gastronomads, you set foot on the path that will lead you into the society of gourmets, gastronomes, sommeliers, chefs, winemakers, oil producers, writers and travel writers and all those many fans and admirers of the food and beverages ...


It seems that the Americans noticed the development of Zagreb in the tourism context. They are surprised by museums and galleries, creative traditional cuisine of Croatian chefs and exciting modern architecture from kindergartens all the way to the cafes.


Interesting Museum of street art is not a typical museum because there is no building, no working hours, no curator, but only the artists and their ideas illustrated in a neighborhood of New Zagreb - Dugave.


They mention Zagreb Dance Centre, which with the appearance of multiplexes turned from cinema to the scene for contemporary dance productions.


What stands out as perhaps the most popular thing is ride on double toboggan, which is specially ordered for the Museum of Contemporary Art. Serpent-like embraced tubes can be compared with the twisted piles of baroque buildings. Driving such a slide is often accompanied by screaming, noise and excitement, unusual for a museum environment.


In addition to these three things than only Zagreb can offer to its visitors, Americans mention the Museum of Broken Relationships and their creators, the former couple Olinko Vistica and Drazena Grubisic. Curiosity is human nature so they say that this museum is ideal if you want a peek at the remains of romances or share your own experience.





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